Friday, September 10, 2010


I have always enjoyed the mughal-courtly set Urdu movies from Bollywood (or another phrase I have come across is ‘muslim social’ movies) and Mere Huzoor (My Lord) is one that comes under this genre.

The music of Mere Huzoor is by Shankar-Jaikishan and lyrics by Hasrat Jaipuri, and the movie stars Raaj Kumar (spoiler - does he ever get the girl in any of his movies?), the beautiful Mala Sinha (I did think she was rather too ‘old’ for Jeetendra though) and a very young and dashing Jeetendra.

With most of the music and movies in this genre, the lyrics and dialogues are just awesome, befiting the ‘tehzeeb’ or finesse of the culture, requiring the best of showmanship in its presentation. And it is therefore without any wonder that most of the songs sung in this album are by Mohd Rafi, whose mellifluousness voice just gives so much depth and meaning to the music and lyrics. But then, so do Lata, Asha and Manna, in their own right.

I give this album 5 stars, with my favorites being Mere Huzoor, App Ki Khatir, Woh Khushi Milli Hai and Gham Uthane Ko.

Mere Huzoor 1968: The Original Soundtrack

Side One

1. Mere Huzoor – Mohd Rafi

2. App Ki Khatir – Mohd Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar

3. Jhanak Jhanak - Manna Dey

Side Two

1. Chandi Chhalla – Lata Mangeshkar and Chorus

2. Woh Khushi Milli Hai – Mohd Rafi

3. Meri Jan – Mohd Rafi and Asha Bhosle

4. Gham Uthane Ko – Mohd Rafi



Mister Naidu said...

Thanks, Veen. Nice write-up...looking forward to listening to this.

Veen said...

You are welcome Mr N. I am sure you will like this one.

Nasir said...

Short but Sweet write-up Veen. It left me desiring for more.

Your observation is apt about the couple. However, as a deference for the lady, I would say Jeetendra was too young for her. What if Raj Kumar and Jeetendra were to switch their roles?

The songs are indeed great. Though I haven't listened to the songs, it still feels as if I heard them yesterday.

I concur with your favourite songs. However, I love RUKH SE ZARAA NAQAAB UTHAA MERE HUZOOR for the sheer romantic and flirtatious renditions of Rafi Sahaab and the concept of the train romance. Sets my heart aflutter!

Great Album and appropriate ratings!

Veen said...

LOL...point taken Nasir saab. That is why I made the reference to the Mala-Jetendra 'jodi' in this movie....and not Raaj-Mala. That would have been a better jodi. Having said that, she is still beautiful, regardless.

My, my, a romantic at heart! Your true colours are showing Nasirji. Yes, there is something about train journeys that does make the heart go boom-boom. Another that comes to mind is Aradhana when Rajesh Khanna sees Sharmila for the first time in the song "Mere Sapnon Ki Rani" and the last movie I watched in similar circumstances is "Bachna Ae Haseeno". And let us not forger "Pakeezah"....

Hope you enjoy the songs of Mere Huzoor.

Veen said...