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The movie Sanyasi (a man that renounces all worldly thoughts and desires, and spends the rest of his life in spiritual contemplation) is directed by Sohanlal Kanwar and stars Manoj Kumar and Hema Malini.

The music is by Shankar-Jaikishan and lyrics by Vishweshwar Sharma, Varma Malik, Vithal Bhai Patel, M.G. Hasmat, Hasrat Jaipuri and Indiwar. As the movie is themed around religious connotations, the songs in the movie are also very spiritual in nature….and may not be everone’s cup of tea. In my opinion, there are only a few notable songs in this OST, being Chal Sanyasi Mandir Men, Sham-e-Furqat Ka Dhal Gaya Saya, Choron Ka Maal Chor Kha Gaya and Kya Maar Sakegi Maut Use. If it wasn’t for Chal Sanyasi Mandir Men on Side One, I’d ask you to just listen to Side Two of the album.

My verdict: 2 stars + to 3 stars (but I give Chal Sanyasi Mandir Men and Sham-e-Furqat Ka Dhal Gaya Saya 4 stars). But don't let my opinion put you off from listening to this album.

PS: Mr Naidu of Bollywood Restoration gives this album 4 stars. Check out his comments at the comment page.

Sanyasi 1975: The Original Soundtrack

Side One

1. Chal Sanyasi Mandir Men – Lata Mangeshkar and Mukesh

Lyrics: Vishweshwar Sharma

2. Sun Bal Brahmachari – Lata Mangeshkar and Mukesh

Lyrics: Varma Malik

3. Bali Umariya Bhajan Karoon Kaise – Lata Mangeshkar and Mukesh

Lyrics: Vithal Bhai Patel

4. Jaise Mera Roop Rangila – Lata Mangeshkar

Lyrics: Vishweshwar Sharma

Side Two

1. Yeh Hai Geeta Ka Gyan – Lata Mangeshkar and Mukesh

Lyrics: M.G. Hasmat

2. Sham-e-Furqat Ka Dhal Gaya Saya – Lata Mangeshkar and Premnath

Lyrics: Hasrat Jaipuri

3. Choron Ka Maal Chor Kha Gaya – Suman Kalyanpur, Mukesh and Chorus

Lyrics: M.G. Hasmat

4. Kya Maar Sakegi Maut Use – Manna Dey and Chorus

Lyrics: Indiwar



Mister Naidu said...

Thanks, Veen. I think you're being a little bit harsh with your rating for Sanyasi, however. I'd give it an extra star. Although you didn't care much for side 1, I think I like side 1 better than 2. Chal Sanyasi Mandir Men may be the best on side 1, but the others are pleasing and Jaise Mera Roop Rangila has enough chord changes to keep one's attention and has an interestingly abrupt ending. I also like Bali Umariya Bhajan Karoon Kaise on side 1. Sham-e-Furqat Ka Dhal Gaya Saya is the main song that I like on side 2.

Sanyasi may not be their best, but overall I think its pretty good.

Veen said...

Woh Ohhh...I think I am in trouble! Sorry Mr N, the album does nothing for me but I do take your point and on that note, I am going to listen to it again. And I'll make a note of your rating on my blog too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Veen. Music of Sanyasi was such a huge hit when released. I have heard these songs to such a saturation that I developed some sort of revulsion for the music and never bought the disc. I hope I would be able to enjoy these as I am going to listen to them after such a long gap.

Regds / Babu

Veen said...

Good luck Babu on 'rediscovering' Sanyasi.

StephenDS said...

"Sham-E-Furqat Ka Dhal Gaya Saya Re" is such an awesome song, and a song I think is totally custom-made for Lata (aka, I can't imagine anyone else who could have sung it so wonderfully). In the movie, however, this song has an additional stanza at the end. Do check it out on YouTube. Thanks very much for the upload.

Veen said...

Thanks for dropping by Stephen and for your comments. I will check out the song on YouTube.

Nasir said...

I specially remember SANYASI for just one thing: Revulsion. I had watched this on the first day of its release at the Apsara Cinema (main movie-hall)in Mumbai in
1975. Maybe the word SANYASI had put me in a different mind-set before I watched it. Anyway, as I stepped out of the hall along with a friend I felt I need another dose of a movie. So immediately I went to another theatre. There I watched GEET GAATA CHAL (9 pm to 12 a.m. show). I liked this movie and felt good. The bad after-effects of SANYASI were washed out. This was the first and the last time that I had resorted to such a course of action. But I do know that one man's poison is another man's meat.

In my opinion, your ratings are perfect for the Album. It's only the title track (CHAL SANYAASI)that has survived the years.

Veen said...

Nasirji, I haven't watched the movie myself and the only reason I bought the LP was because of the hype of the song "Chal Sanyasi" and the fact that the record was in mint condition and sooo cheap. I listened to it again and I still only give it 2 stars +.

PS: Sorry Mr N, but I agree to disagree with you in this instance :O

Veen said...