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The movie Dosti (Friendship) was a hit when it premiered in 1964, taking out four Filmfare awards (the Bollywood equivalent of the Oscars), one of which was for best movie of the year. The Laxmikant-Pyarelal duo won the best music director(s) title, along with songwriter Majrooh Sultanpuri for his lyrics of ‘Chahoonga Main Tumhe’. Singer Mohammad Rafi was awarded best male playback singer for the same song. The song has since been one of Mohd Rafi trade-marks. For a comprehensive review of the songs from this movie that led to the Dosti/Rafi mania of 1964, check out Mr Nasir’s post HERE.

As the movie is about the friendship of two young males with physical disabilities (one handicapped and the other blind) and the hardships they had to succumb to, the music of this soundtrack reflects the mood of the movie – sombre. Having said this, the music and songs of the movie does instill a sense of hope to the listeners, for the singers/characters, that there is a happy ending at the end of their perilous journey. Except for ‘Gudiya Kab Tak Na Hasogy’, Mohammad Rafi sang all the songs in the movie. And to quote Mr Nasir, “Rafi Sahaab’s magical rendition of the songs breathed life and spirit in the movie for without it, the movie would have just been a lifeless exercise in morality.” How true.

My verdict: 5 stars.


1. The only movie in Bollywood cinema that made box office record without a heroine role.

2. The movie was Sanjay Khan’s debut film.

3. Most music directors had rejected the assignment as the subject matter (the friendship between a blind and handicapped boy) did not make for pop music. The success of the album (and movie) took Laxmikant-Pyarelal from composers of “B” grade movies to the “A” list league.

Check out the movie review at Bollywood Deewana.

Dosti 1964: The Original Soundtrack

Side One

1. Title Music

2. Chahoonga Main Tujhe – Mohammed Rafi

3. Rahi Manwa – Mohammed Rafi

4. Mera To Jo Bhi Qadam – Mohammed Rafi

Side Two

1. Jaane Walon Zara – Mohammed Rafi

2. Gudiya Kab Tak Na Hasogy – Lata Mangeshkar

3. Meri Dosti Mera Pyar – Mohammed Rafi

Get the music HERE.


Nasir said...

I thank you humbly Veen,for reference and inclusion of my post on DOSTI in the writeup.

Yes, it is amazing how this movie and its music left all the big banners, names, stars, and music-directors behind in the race for excellence. See the list and think about the songs and music of these movies:

1. Sangam
2. Ayee Milan Ki Bela (1963?)
3. Leader
4. Ziddi
5. Rajkumar
6. Kashmir Ki Kali
7. Haqeeqat
8. Zindagi
9. April Fool
10. Woh Kaun Thi

OMG, 1964 was one of the most divinely musical year in Bollywood. Those who are aware of the above movies and their songs and music, will know what I mean.

Add to the above list, just a few more:
1. Beti-Bete
2. Aao Pyar Karen
3. Cha Cha Cha
4. Duur ki Aawaaz
5. Jahan Ara
6. Dooj Ka Chand
and I can't really go on. The list becomes so formidable!

There you have the triumph of DOSTI music after which Laxmikant-Pyarelal never looked back.

Veen said...

Nasir saab, my pleasure.

You are right, 1964 was the pinnacle of Hindi music and Dosti was definitely a cut above the rest!

bollywooddeewana said...

Thanks a lot for this gem finally got the extractor for RAR and i've been enjoying the classics, i hope you have Teesri manzil & The burning train in there somewhere


Veen said...

You are welcome BD. Yes I have Teesri Manzil but not The Burning Train (only The Train). It's been eluding me!

memsaab said...

Title Music!!!! :) That is all. Thanks.

Veen said...

Really Greta? Not even ‘Chahoonga Main Tumhe’????

subho123 said...

thanks very much for Dosti..lovely song...Just for info..the mouth organ of Jaanewalo Zara was played by RD Burman...what a great era !!!!

Veen said...

Hi Subho, thanks for visiting and the trivia on the mouth organ. Indeed, what an era!