Tuesday, November 30, 2010


La Bamba is a 1987 film written and directed by Luis Valdez and is based on the real life events that affected the live of rock star Ritchie Valens. The movie stars Lou Diamond Phillips (as Ritchie Valens), Esai Morales, Rosanna DeSoto and Elizabeth Peña.

Ritchie Valens
As with the movie, the soundtrack is also based on Ritchie Valen’s music and those of his R&R buddies of the 1950’s. Warner Brothers released the soundtrack in June 1987. Ironically, WB did not use Valen’s original recordings, but rather had the band Los Lobos record all of Valen’s songs. Even Bo Didley rerecorded his classic song “Who Do You Love?" for the movie.

If you like 1950’s R&R, then you would like La Bamba. My favorites from this ablum include the title song "La Bamba", "Come On Let's Go", "Ooh My Head", “Summertime Blues” and “Who Do You Love”.

 My verdict: 4 stars.

 Side One

  1.  La Bamba – Los Lobos
  2. Come On, Let's Go – Los Lobos
  3. Ooh! My Head – Los Lobos
  4. We Belong Together – Los Lobos
  5. Framed – Los Lobos
  6. Donna – Los Lobos
Side Two
  1. Lonely Teardrops – Howard Huntsberry
  2. Crying, Waiting, Hoping – Marshall Crenshaw
  3. Summertime Blues – Brian Setzer
  4. Who Do You Love – Bo Diddley
  5. Charlena – Los Lobos
  6. Goodnight My Love – Los Lobos



lugworm said...

G'day Veen, you are back in my era with this music. I remember well the day the music died. I did see La Bamba, one of the few I have seen since Dr Zhivago was released! I was a bit disappointed and thought it a little corny but someone with my limited movie-viewing experience should probably not comment. I enjoyed the music but!

Anonymous said...

I have seen this movie too - when I was too young to appreciate it! But yes, I did love the music, very very especially the title song. What a superb piece of music that is!

Veen said...

Yes Bob, La Bamba was pretty so-so but the songs were ok and I was doing my HSC when I saw it...anything was good to break the monotony.

Dr Zhivago? One of my favourite, favourite movies of all time. I just love it and Lara theme's. Imagine the cinematography if Lean could have filmed the movie in Russia!!!

Veen said...

Yes Madhu, 30 years after its release, La Bamba hit the charts again. Some music never die!

Steve said...

I have yet to see this film. Amazing, isn't it? I doubt I will ever see it now. But Los Lobos remains a favourite group.

Veen said...

Hi Steve, If you like autobiographies and songs, then you will like La Bamba. But if I were you, just enjoy the songs...cos the movie was pretty average.

memsaab said...

I saw Los Lobos live once, in a small club and I was right up at the front. They had awesome snakeskin cowboy boots. Oh and they rocked, too :D

Veen said...

Really Greta? That would have been so cool. Did you get up and dance? I hope you did.

To be honest, I looked at those snakeskin (and lizardskin) boots when i was in Texas a few years ago (it was love, actually lust at first sight)...but I just could not justify the cost....for the few times i would be game enough to wear them when I am :(