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Jane Anjane (Friends and Strangers) is a 1971 Bollywood movie directed by Shakti Samanta and stars Shammi Kapoor, Vinod Khanna and Leena Chandavarkar. You can catch a review of this film, posted simultaneously on BOLLYWOOD DEEWANA.

The soundtrack to Jane Anjane is composed by Shankar Jaikishan and lyrics by Hasrat Jaipuri, S. H. Bihari and Gulshan Bawra. This is one great album, with nearly all the singing heavy weights of Bollywood lending their voices to this soundtrack – Asha, Lata, Rafi, Kishore, Manna Dey and Sharda. There is bound to be something here for everyone.

I personally like Ram Kasam (Asha just shines here), Teri Neeli Neeli Ankhon Ki (one of Rafi-Lata best duets in my opinion), Jane Anjane Log Mile and Cham Cham Baje Re Payaliya. I give this album 4.5 stars

Jane Anjaane 1971: The Original Soundtrack

Side One

1. Ram Kasam Bura Na Manoongi – Asha Bhosle

Lyrics: Hasrat Jaipuri

2. Teri Neeli Neeli Ankhon Ki – Mohd Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar

Lyrics: Hasrat Jaipuri

3. Aya Apni Nagaria Men – Manna Dey, Suman Kalyanpur and Chorus

Lyrics: S. H. Bihari

4. Jane Anjane Log Mile – Kishore Kumar

Lyrics: Hasrat Jaipuri

Side Two

1. Cham Cham Baje Re Payaliya – Manna Dey

Lyrics: S. H. Bihari

2. Mohe Jal Men Phansae Lio – Lata Mangeshkar and Chorus

Lyrics: Hasrat Jaipuri

3. Jane Anjane – Sharda

Lyrics: Gulshan Bawra



bollywooddeewana said...

Hmm we both had different opinions on this, i just thought it was a good Shankar Jaikishen album, they've done better but then i also realise like is actually common in lots of cases some songs on the Lp weren't used in the film 'Ram kasam' for example.

Nasir said...

Totally agree with Veen on her choice of Ram kasam buraa naa maanoongi....though my favourite is TEREE NEELEE NEELE AANKHON KE. Speaking of which, I was reminded of this number whien I watched RAJA HINDUSTANI in the theatre and heard the song PARDESI PARDESI JAANAA NAHEE.N...which sounds like the 'antara' of Teree Neele Neele: SOONA THAH SANSAR HAMAARA TUUNE AAN BASAAYA... etc.

The title track has been given to Sharda who was the favourite of Shankar of SJ duo.

Good Album!

Veen said...

Hi Bosun, I haven't watched the movie since I was a kid so maybe I am not prejudiced by the film and therefore this hasn't reflected in my appreciation of the song album. I agree S-J have done better but in my opinion, the fact that the mish mash of singers are able to capture the spirit of the compositions are a reflection of S-J's talent in this instance. It's hard to write something for one singer, let alone the six different playback singers used in this album. A no mean feat in my opinion.

Veen said...

Thank you Nasir saab....and yes, you are right about Raja Hindustani. Wow, excellent 'ear' work, LOL.

Veen said...

Oh, BTW, not a fan of Sharda. Her voice annoys me like Sri Devi.

I was just listening to Meri Chandni, from the YC movie Chandni and I was thinking, "What a waste to a great song"! Shrudder...

Mister Naidu said...

Thanks Veen for the nice Shankar Jaikishan album. I was surprised to hear Asha singing on Ram Kasam Bura Na Manoongi and not for Helen on the title song. I thought Sharda did a very nice job on that song...even though she's obviously not one of your favorites. :) I really love Helen's picturisation on that song. Its one of her best! :)

Veen said...

Sorry Mr N, I just can't bring myself to like Sharda. Helen? She rocks!!!

Nasir said...

Veen, Sharda was never liked at least by my generation and the next since our ears were attuned to only Lata and Asha.

Sharda had the hit-parades in Suraj (1966) among which TITLI UDEE...was a chart-buster. Unfortunately for her, there was at that time only one Filmfare Award category for the playback singer. Rafi Sahaab won for BAHAARON PHOOL BARSAAO. However, rules were then modified and she got the award for the Best Singer (Female). She got another one in 1970.

On the positive side, it goes to her credit that she made a name for herself in an era that was truly dominated by Lata and Asha. On the negative side, it is said that she was the cause of disagreements between the musical duo of SJ, since Jaikishen never liked her. It was Shankar who stood for her.

She also gave music for a couple of movies I think.

Perhaps she was some 40 years too early. Nowadays, anything goes. Singers don't have any identity generally. People don't listen to songs. They just watch the song if at all. And there's the convenient FF to skip the songs while watching the DVD.

Veen said...

Nasir Saab, I have been guilty of using the FF button too....only because songs these days are full of crap....most of them anyway :O

memsaab said...

Favorite Helen song ever, ever!!!! Love it :)

Veen said...

Hanji memsaab, Helen rocks!!!

J Thyme...kind said...

Is Shankar / Jaikishan one person or two?

Veen said...

JT, Shankar Jaikishan are a duo. Check out their biography here: