Wednesday, January 26, 2011


To all fellow Australians, and especially to the new Aussie migrants sworn in today at ceremonies all around the country, Happy Australia Day. May your barbie be always filled with snags, your beer bottle or wine glass never empty and our cricket team doing wonders on the pitch!!! Ok, ok,  two out of three ain't bad, I guess, LOL.

Also on this great day is the Indian Republic Day. I would therefore like to wish all my friends from the Indian sub-continent a very Happy Republic Day.

BTW, due to work and personal commitments, I am taking some time off from blogging. I should be back in full swing some time next month. E-mails and comments are still always welcomed.



lugworm said...

And belated happy Oz Day to you, Veen. I look forward to your return in a month or so. Don't work TO hard - it's very un Australian!

Veen said...

Happy Oz Day to u too Bob. Yes I have been very un-Australian this past few weeks....hoping to rectify that soon, LOL...fingers X.

Nasir said...

I reciprocate your sentiments Veen.
Best Regards,

Veen said...

Thank you Nasir Saab.