Thursday, January 6, 2011


Growing up, it seems everybody but I knew that George Michael was gay! Blame my naïve and trusting nature, that still plagues me to this day, haha. One may think it is a good trait to have; I myself find it a curse, makes me so gullible…..and I always learn the hard way that things and people are not what they seem. Oh well, some people learn the hard way, I guess.

Now why would GM being gay create such a response from me, you say? Because I fought the world for George...LOL….he was my teen idol, I loved him (and he did not even know I existed, sob, sob) and I had to fight my mum for putting up his posters in my mum’s so called elegant décor. But win I did….ha, ha. I may be gullible, but I am stubborn too.

So it is a no brainer when I tell you that Wham! was my favourite pop group from the 1980’s. For those of you who don't know, Wham! was a British pop duo formed in 1981 by George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. The duo sold 25 million copies between 1982 until they broke up in 1986.

Their debut album was “Fantastic” in 1983, followed by “Make It Big” and ending with “Music From The Edge Of Heaven” in 1986.

In my opinion, “Make It Big” was the best of the Wham! albums and chart wise it hit #1 in both the UK and the USA and spawned four singles, all topping the charts on both sides of the Atlantic. My favourites include Careless Whisper (still is to this day), Freedom, Heartbeat and Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.

I give this album 4 stars.

Wham! – Make It Big 1984

Side One

1. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
2. Everything She Wants
3. Heartbeat
4. Like a Baby

Side Two

1. Freedom
2. If You Were There
3. Credit Card Baby
4. Careless Whisper



Anonymous said...

Heh. You're not the only one, Veen. I adored Wham - and especially George Michael - when I was a teen, and didn't realise he was gay until long after I'd outgrown him!! Still, I love this album. :-)

avdi said...

Who hasn't heard careless whispers? I loved 'Lets go outside' at one time and heard it over and over and over. I had a cassette 'Best of George Micheal' and treasured it. Gay Shay ki farak painda hai?

Veen said...

Good to know I was not the only one Madhu "duped", haha...yep love the album too.

You are right Avdi, so what if he is gay? No problems whatsoever, some of my good friends are gay. It is just that I wanted to have his babies...LOL...joke!!!

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Gay shay ki farak painda hai? But men I drool over (Rock Hudson included) don't have a right to be gay!!! ;-)

Veen said... sentiments exactly Madhu. Rock Hudson, Cary Grant and Montgomery Clift (to name a few) have no right to be gay, ha ha...a tragedy for us womenfolk.