Monday, December 6, 2010


Looking at the cover art, this album conjures imagines of scattily clad and tanned South American women and those muscles and glistening South American men....hubba hubba....dancing frantically to the beats of Samba and Bossa Nova music....well they are...just not frantically. Having said that, if you like your Samba and Bossa Nova subdued, you will find this album to your taste. Me? I like my Samba a tad more energetic....I give this album 3.5 stars.

Side One

1. A Gay Ranchero

2. El Rancho Grande

3. Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah

4. Sly Mongoose

5. Feels So Good

6. Siesta

7. Caminito

Side Two

1. Perhaps? Perhaps? Perhaps?

2. El Choclo

3. Avalon

4. La Sorella

5. Copacabana

6. Chilli Concarne



Anonymous said...

One of the attractions of this album is that many of the songs like "Caminito" are traditional spanish songs, and sound great whether in the original vocal rendering or in instrumental covers like this one. The BBC TV series "Great Railway Journeys" had 1 episode - Argentina (narrated/traveled by Buck Henry) in which there is a nice complete singing of Caminito by a young argentine.

Ah but I'm rambling...

(Nice music!)

The Shaggy Man

nlgbbbblth said...

Nice LP, Chili Concarne is the playout track here - would have fitted in well on Voodoo Party.

Veen said...

Hey Shaggy Man, thanks for visiting. You are right about the songs being traditional spanish songs and I just love's just that with the cover art, I feel a bit "ripped off"...I expected a bit more know what I mean? And thanks for the ref. to Caminito. I must look for the clip.Once again, ta for dropping by.

Veen said...

Hi Paul...yes you are right...would have fitted well in Voodoo Party. Which reminds me, it has been some time since I listened to VP. About time for a revisit. BTW, thanks for the FB invite. We're "mates" now.