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One of my favourite movies of the 70’s as it stars my favourite actress Mumtaz (she is so beautiful) and the awesome actor Sanjeev Kumar (see LP cover above).

The music of Khilona (Toy or Play Thing) is by duo Laxmikant Shantaram Kudalkar and Pyarelal Ramprasad Sharma, collectively known as Laxmikant-Pyarelal. Between 1963 and 1998, they composed the music for about 500 Hindi movies – what a feat! The lyrics for Khilona are by another Bollywood (the terminology used to describe the Hindi movie industry in India) music legend, Anand Bakshi – he wrote the song lyrics for over 300 films.

The most popular (and known) song of the album would be ‘Khilona Jan Kar’, famous not only for its music and lyrics, but also for its singer, Mohd Rafi (and to some extend, the actor Sanjeev Kumar). It’s my favourite song from the album too. Check out the lyrics and translation of this song at this awesome site: Nasir’s Eclectic Blog. Then there is ‘Main Sharabi Nahin’ followed by ‘Khush Rahe Too Sada’ and ‘Sanam Too Bewafa’.

Most of the songs in this album are sentimental and mujra (Moghul-influenced Kathak music) in nature with only ‘Roz Roz Rozi’ and ‘Main Sharabi Nahin’ breaking the monotony, as in quicker in terms of the tempo.

My verdict: 4 star plus….as I love sentimental and mujra-style music - I can just imagine myself twirling around in an angarkha and chudidaar¹ when I listen to music of this style.

Khilona 1970: The Original Soundtrack

Side One

1. Khilona Jan Kar – Mohd Rafi

2. Main Sharabi Nahin – Mohd Rafi and Asha Bhosle

3. Roz Roz Rozi – Kishore Kumar and Kishore Kumar

Side Two

1. Khush Rahe Too Sada – Mohd Rafi

2. Sanam Too Bewafa – Lata Mangeshkar

3. Yeh Natak Kavi – Manna Dey and Chorus

Get the music of Khilona HERE.

1. An angarkha and chudidaar is a two piece pant suit, with the top consisting of a tight fitting bodice and flared from beneath the bosom to the knees or below, worn with tight fitting trousers, scrunched at the ankles – see picture of Madhuri Dixit from the film Devdas wearing an angarkha below.



Nasir said...

Khilona is simply unforgettable in terms of Mumtaz, Sanjeev Kumar and songs and music. Mumtaz won the Best Actress Filmfare Award so deservingly for her portrayal of Chaand, a nautch girl, who comes to help a deranged Sanjeev Kumar but is caught up in emotional conflict in the course of her mission.

The best song of the movie, easily, is KHILONA JAAN KAR TUM TOH MERA DIL TODE JAATE HO....which is sung by Rafi Sahaab in the style of a lament and in pauses to signify the mental weakness of the character Vijay, played by Sanjeev Kumar. The song has good picturisation and acting by both the stars and is so relevant to the story: Sanjeev deflowers his companion and benefactor, Chaand, who is simply shell-shocked and is about to leave when the former comes up with his pleadings in the form of this heart-rending number, with words like MEHMAA.N HOO.N MAI.N CHAND RAATO.N KAA... It’s a pity that this song did not win the Filmfare Award though nominated. KHUSH RAHE TUU SADAA is another popular song that lays the foundation of of the story of Khilona, in that, Sanjeev’s love interest, SAPNA (Alka) who is married off to another , finds it unbearable to hear the cri de’coeur of her ex-flame, and she jumps off the terrace. This scene shocks Vijay to such an extent that he loses his mental balance. I also like Lata’s number: AGAR DILBARD KI RUSWAI for its rhythm, as also MAIN SHARABI NAHIN... All the other songs are good too.

In my opinion, it was this movie that made Sanjeev Kumar who used to figure in B or C grade movies. Also, Shatrughan Sinha’s Bihari role was lapped up by the cinegoers and hot him into prominence.
Those were the heydays of Gulshan Nanda, the story-writer and novelist whose stories were adapted for many movies that proved super-hits. Salim-Javed were the ones who dethroned him since the days of Action Movies had begun with Zanjeer (1973).

A good selection Veen.

Veen said...

I agree Nasirji, Khilona is Mumtaz, Sanjeev and the songs; Mumtaz, Sanjeev and the songs are Khilona....and Rafi makes it all heavenly.

The movie did make Sanjeev Kumar and to some extend, Shatrughan Sinha into the movie stars they so correctly deserved.

Another movie of Sanjeev that I love is Dastak with Rehana Sultan. Pity it was in B&W...would have loved to see it in colour. Thank you for the comments.

Regards, Veen

Nasir said...

Sure Veen!

It's something strange that while colour came in a big to the Bollywood movies from 1960, yet there was a spurt of black and white movies even upto 1965. The classic example is MUGHAL-E-AZAM where only last scenes were in colour. DASTAK, I gather, is a 1970 movie, but still in B&w. It was Junglee that rolled the riots of colour, beginning 1960. Of course, we don't want to refer to some classics made earlier in colour.

Anonymous said...

The song Main Sharab Nahin was pictured on whom? As i haven't seen the songs so please inform.

Anonymous said...

The song Main Sharab Nahin was pictured on whom? As i haven't seen the songs so please inform.

Nasir said...

Main Sharaabee Naheen is a duet filmed on Jeetendra and Mumtaz.

Veen said...

Nasir saab, thanks for answering Anon's question. Too tired after work to get online :(

Anon, welcome. Feel free to ask any questions. Only happy to oblige.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Nasir Saab for informing. Actually i was looking for a Jayshree T song in this film. But i guess may be she didn't have any songs or dances in this film.

Thanks a lot to Veen too for giving me that permission to ask anything. So its an deal that you'll answer my question. Okay? Take care.

Veen said...

Hi Anon

LOL....maybe I should have added a caveat....any questions within reason and pertaining to the blog content.

Nasir said...

Glad to be of some help anyway! Anon, Jayshree T's role is that of Sanjeev's sister. She is enticed by the villain, Bihari (Shatru) and when she collects all the household jewelleries at the instance of the villain and is about to elope when the nautch-girl (Mumtaz as Chaand) steps in to save the honour of the house. No one but the three know about this episode.

Anonymous said...

Hello Nasir Saab, Thanks for the beautiful information about Jayshree'T's role. Actually these beautiful dancers should not be wasted and should be given a dance or a song in every of their films. Well anyways thanks again.

Thanks to Veen too. Well i'll ask questions related to the blog always. Okay. Take care.