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Frankie Laine (born Francesco Paolo LoVecchio on 30 March 1913 and died 6 February 2007) was an American singer, songwriter and actor whose career spanned 75 years. Often billed as America's Number One Song Stylist, his other nicknames include Mr. Rhythm, Old Leather Lungs and Mr. Steel Tonsils. He started singing in 1930 but is better known from the 1960’s onwards for his rendition of theme songs from Western movies such as Rawhide, 3:10 To Yuma, High Noon, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral and Blazing Saddles. Although he sang to western movie themes, he was never a country and western singer in the true sense. His hits include That's My Desire (featured on this EP), That Lucky Old Sun, Mule Train, Cry of the Wild Goose, Jezebel, High Noon, I Believe, Hey Joe!, The Kid's Last Fight, Cool Water, Moonlight Gambler, Love is a Golden Ring, Rawhide and Lord, You Gave Me a Mountain.

Trivia: Frankie Laine did not sing the soundtrack song for High Noon (it was sung by Tex Ritter) but Frankie’s version (with altered lyrics to the original) became the bigger hit.

Veen’s rating: Three stars

Frankie Laine 1964

Side One

1. That’s My Desire*

(Loveday-Kresa) B. Feldman

2. Don’t Blame Me

(McHugh-Fields) Campbell Connelly

Side Two

1. All Of Me

(Simons-Marks) Francis Day and Hunter

2. Someday Sweetheart

(Marton-Spike) Herman Darewski

*Number 4 on the US Billboard in 1947


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