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I can’t remember watching this movie in the 1980’s but then god only knows how many Hindi movies I have actually watched in my lifetime, so forgetting a few could be quite understandable. Also in trying to find some info on the movie, most of the reviews (bar one) gave rather negative feedback on the plot of the movie. So, that could be the reason I don’t remember it...who knows??

Hotel the movie is directed by brothers Shyam and Tulsi Ramsay, and it is supposedly a horror film, revolving around the building of a hotel (hence the title “Hotel”…okay, I am being a ‘duh’ here) on a cemetary. Need I say more? It seems that everything that can be included in a B-grade movie is included in this movie. The movie stars Navin Nischol, Rakesh Roshan, Bindiya Goswami, Ranjeet and Prema Narayan.

Having said this, do not let this deter you from listening to this soundtrack by Usha Khanna (she also sings three songs) and lyrics by Indiwar. To be honest, not many songs from the 1980’s take my fancy as I find them pretty ordinary (most disco music just don’t do it for me) but this definitely isn’t the case with Hotel. “Pyar Karte Hai Hum” is a lovely emotional composition sung just right by Asha Bhosle. Then there’s the token disco song of the 80’s in the form of “Tere Jaisa Pyara Koi Nahin” performed by the beautiful but underated Prema Narayan in the movie. “Dekho Pyar Men Aesa Nahin Karte” has a lovely zippy beat and is my favourite from the album. And I just love the bongo beat intro and ‘meow’ in “Kaun Yeh Aya Mehfil Men”. And then there’s the two versions of “Jeena Hai To Jee Bhar Hanslo”…..To live, make sure you laugh with all your might; (as) life is just for two days, who knows what may happen tomorrow….how true!

If I have to fault this album, it is to do with the music tracks. Usha did a tremendous job with them but unfortunaley did not make both tracks long enough. WHAT A PITY! And I wonder why?

My verdict: Four stars

Hotel 1981: The Original Soundtrack

Side One

1. Pyar Karte Hai Hum – Asha Bhosle and Manhar

2. Tere Jaisa Pyara Koi Nahin – Usha Khanna

3. Jeena Hai To Jee Bhar Hanslo (M) – Amit Kumar

4. Music 1 - Instrumental

Side Two

1. Dekho Pyar Men Aesa Nahin Karte – Amit Kumar and Alka Yagnik

2. Kaun Yeh Aya Mehfil Men – Amit Kumar and Usha Khanna

3. Jeena Hai To Jee Bhar Hanslo (F) – Usha Khanna

4. Music 2 – Instrumental



Anonymous said...

Now, this is a great upload. I used to have this on a cassette in awful audio quality. Never found this album on CD, may be it was never released.


Regds / Babu

Veen said...

You are welcome Babu. The LP is hard to come by too and I was very, very lucky to find one in MINT condition...and reasonably priced!

bollywooddeewana said...

i really should give this one a go, its on Youtube with English subs here

Nasir said...

I thought I had commented here, but wonder what happened!

Veen I have a confession to make. I'm still figuring how to hear all those albums. Is there any easy way?

Veen said...

Is it really BD? I might have to check it out too. Thanks for the link.

Nasir Saab, yes sometimes those internet trolls tend to play funny buggers with files, LOL!

Check out my ‘how to’ article HERE.

memsaab said...

Ha ha! It's a very bad movie indeed, but the music is fun. I always love to see instrumentals included too, thanks for this one :)

phil said...

Thanks very much for this, ever since I watched a clip from the film on one of Mr Naidu's dvds have been looking for this soundtrack :)

Veen said...

You are welcome Phil. Happy to oblige.

Veen said...
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B Seshadri said...

Veen, can you please post the correct link... as the link given here is of Mere Huzoor

Veen said...

Oops, sorry B. Here tis'.