Friday, June 4, 2010


This is one of my favourite Hindi music album and movie too. I just love all the songs in this OST and can’t for the life of me pick one or two I consider the best from this album. “Hum Aur Tum” makes me want to break out with an air guitar and kick myself for not taking guitar lessons in my youth. I really love the intro folk guitar music. “Ni Main Yaar Manana Ni” makes me want to put on a flare skirt and just twirl and dance around the house. Not a good sight but nevertheless, that’s what it makes me feel like doing, LOL. And then there’s Kishore Kumar and his enchanting voice delivering “Mere Dil Main Aaj Kya Hai” .... such soulful music from composers Laxmikant-Pyarelal and beautiful lyrics from Sahir.

No wonder the album became a superhit and dominated the charts for 1973. The hits of the songs and movie popularity also entrenched Yash Chopra (this movie was his debut) in the history books as Bollywood’s finest directors. My verdict for this album: 5 star plus.

Daag – A Poem Of Love: The Original Soundtrack

Side 1

1. Ab Chahe Ma Roothe Ya Baba – Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar

2. Hum Aur Tum – Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar

3. Ni Main Yaar Manana Ni – Lata Mangeshkar and Minoo Purshottam

Side 2

1. Mere Dil Main Aaj Kya Hai – Kishore Kumar

2. Hawa Chale Kaise – Lata Mangeshkar and Chorus

3. Jab Bhi Ji Chahe – Lata Mangeshkar

4. Main To Kuchh Bhi Nahin (Dialogue) – Rajesh Khanna

Get the music HERE.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Veen. I am not sure which is better, the music or your "review" of it.

The only spoiler is the artificial echo added by HMV by reprocessing the soundtrack. They did it for so many of 70s releases on LPs.

Warm Regds / Babu

Asli Jat said...

Hi Veen,

many thanks for posting this true classic from the '70's. One of my favourite Kishore songs is on here, 'Mere Dil Main Aaj Kya Hai'. His phrasing & delivery are impeccable & it truly sends shivers down your spine when you hear it.

- Now time for a shameless plug :-)

I am a big Rajesh Khanna fan and have posted a fascinating documentary from 1973 called 'Bombay Superstar' onto YouTube. I had to split it into 9 parts & here is the link to the 1st one :

You should be able to find the other parts quite easily.

Anyway, the connection between this & your posting of the 'Daag' album is that the documentary features the actual premiere of 'Daag' & a few scenes also, along with it's showing in a rural village.

Please stop by & give it a view, and don't forget to leave some comments if you have time ...

Asli Jat

Veen said...

Gosh Babu..."Giggle" ... Glad you find my postings amusing. I am known to be a bit of a nutter!

So that's what it is. I thought I had acquired a 'bad'record. What a pity. I wonder why HMV did that? They must have tone deaf techs working for them in the studios. That's the only explaination I can come up with.

Hello Asli Jat and welcome to my blog. I totally agree with your comments on 'Mere Dil Main Aaj Kya Hai'. I think this is one of KK's best songs.

Looking forward to checking out your Youtube upload. I am a fan of Rajesh Khanna too...My knees go weak everytime I watch Aradhana, Daag and Roti...I kid you not!! And I will leave comments. Hope you will drop by here often too.

Veen aka the 'Not So Asli Jatni'

viz said...

Hey Veen!
Excellent job... but only one request.. please post in 192kbps or above!

Veen said...

Hi Viz,

Thanks and only happy to oblige if I knew how. Can you please advice?

viz said...

What software do you use to rip your vinyls? In the software itself there are options to rip it at a higher bit rate.. the ideal is 320kbps!

Veen said...

Hi Viz, I use áudacity. The software came with my record player.It automatically dowloads the vinyl when I press the record button. Am I missing something? It does not come up with provisions to change the bit rate, unfortunately (not that I can see, anyway).Any clues?

viz said...

go thru the above link!!!!

Veen said...

Thanks Viz, you legend.

I have a few albums already uploaded. I'll use the 320 kbps for the next lot of uploads. Once again, TA!

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a pleasure to come across your blog. Even I started posting vinyls etc to my blog just recently.

Great to see people with same passions here :) Keep up!

Thanks a lot.

Harshi :)

Veen said...

Hey Harshi, welcome. Good to see another vinyl lover. Do drop by often and leave comments. I know I will visit your blog!

Sanket Vyas said...

Stumbled upon your blog and love it! I am a huge fan of Hindi music as well and HEART vinyl so kudos to you for keeping it going.

My all time favorite singer is Kishore and 'Mere Dil Main' simply put - is one of the greatest love songs of all time. His songs for Rajesh Khanna were some of the best of his career. My parents tell me that at his prime, Khanna was bigger than Amitabh at his prime.

Anyway, am adding you to my blogroll. Stop by mine and if you like what you see, please add mine to yours as well.


Veen said...

Hi Sanket

Thanks for dropping by, your comments and adding me to your site. I am adding you too.

Yes the Rajesh Khanna - Kishore Kumar jodi was the best in filmi music history. My mum loved Rajesh Khanna and this influenced me too as she and papa used to take me to the cinema with them. In Malaysia (this is where I am from originally), Rajesh Khanna was bigger and more well known than the local Malay stars. His movies surpassed even the premieres of Hollywood and Hong Kong Chinese movie. All his movies were full houses on the first month of showings!!!!