Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Hi all, I have just updated my Hindi records collection. And I have also added a picture of my latest buys. I will update my English records collection in the coming days too.



Unknown said...

hi veen ji

kya aap apni audio cds ki list mujhe de sakti hain

i have also 13000+ cds, lekin abhi bhi bahut se cds missed hai

pleease share also cds list & rip

thanks a lot

Unknown said...

Hello dear Veen. I'm Sonia frm West Bengal, India. Recently I found this site full of precious gems. Great & rare shares. Thank you for this great work :-)
will u plz keep my request. Plz upload the songs of movie "Anokha Bandhan (1982)" Music by Usha Khanna ji. I'm searching this album from last four years. Please!
Thanks & Regards

MFT3F said...

Hey, you're back. Cool!

Veen said...

Hi Rdb Arr

I'll try to do a list of my cds. Unfortunately I am just too busy these days. Any CDs in particular you were looking for?

Hi Sonia
Thank you for your nice comments. I'll rip the EP and post soon, just for you :-)

Yep I'm back!