Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Apologies for this 'stereotype' joke. No offence meant....All in the name of laughter. Enjoy.


A guy suspected that his wife was cheating on him, so he hired a Chinese detective... The cheapest one he could find.

This is his report:

Most honourable sir,

You leave house. I watch house.

He come house. I watch.

He and she leave house. I follow.

He and she go hotel. I climb tree. I look window.

He kiss she. She kiss he.

He strip she. She strip he.

He play with she. She play with he.

I play with me. I fall off tree.

I no see.

So no fee.

Yours Sincerely,

Dong Lee



Nasir said...

Though I never indulge in jokes, your post reminded me of one what I had read decades ago. Im told that the Chinese pronounce R as L and L as R. I only remember a line:

An Indian Head of State visited his counterpart in China. Both of them discussed lots of things concerning their countries. Suddenly the visitor asked his host about elections in his country: "When do you have elections?"
The host turned red in face and answered:
"You ask vely vely emballassing question!"

Veen said...

Good one Nasir saab! And yes, I can concur the pronounciation issues with some Chinese. In Malaysia, the English and Malay educated Chinese have no issues with saying their Rs and Ls but the Mandarin educated Chinese have issues with those consonants.