Thursday, December 9, 2010


BTW, if you are feeling a sense of déjà vu with this are right. I stuffed up my numbering and short of redoing all the numbers in edit mode, I decided to re-post this album with the correct numbering. Yes the sequence is still in order; 'EVENS' for Hindi albums and 'ODDS' for everything else. So here is Pyar Mohabbat all over again....enjoy.

This OST has everything going for it – all the great singers of the 60’s – Rafi, Asha, Lata, Usha, Manna Dey and Sharda. It’s as if music directors Shankar-Jaikishan could not decide who to get so, they decided to get them all. I am surprised Kishore Kumar and Mukesh weren’t thrown in for good measure!!!

No wonder it’s one of my favourite albums of the decade, coupled with the fact that it is also a Dev Anand starrer, and not forgetting the very beautiful Saira Banu.

As mentioned, the music is by Shankar-Jaikishan and lyrics by Hasrat Jaipuri and Shailendra. If I have to chose my favorites from this album, they would have to be Pyar Mohabbat Ke Siva, Mil Gai Mil Gai, Aap Naraz Khuda Khair Kare, Tere Siva and of course Tujh Ko Dekh Ke. My verdict: Five stars, no less!!!

Pyar Mohabbat 1966: The Original Soundtrack

 Side One
  1. Aaj Aaye Banke More Sainya
  2. Mil Gai Mil Gai Mil Gai Re
  3. Aap Naraz Khuda Khair Kare
  4. Dekho Dekho Madam
Side Two
  1. Pyar Mohabbat Ke Siva
  2. Tere Siva
  3. Hello Hello Sun Sun Sun
  4. Sabhi Kuch Hai Tujh Men
  5. Tujh Ko Dekh Ke



Nasir said...

Indeed, there are vibrant songs there. My most favourite happens to be AAP NAARAAZ KHUDAA KHAIR KARE. Never have I found Saira Banu so charming as she appears in that song with amazing expressions and timings!
AAJ AAYE REE has a classical base, while the Manna De and Rafi duet, Dekho Madam is enjoyable. Mil Gayi is flirtatiously sweet.
Kishore Kumar and Mukesh could not be used Veen since those were the heydays of Rafi Sahaab. Manna De has been used for David. Mukesh had no scope there, since it is very rare for Mukesh to sing for Dev Anand.
All in all, good music.

Veen said...

I agree too Nasir saab, all in all, a good album.

sunheriyaadein said...

Finally I am here on your blog and I am so glad to find an album featuring some of my favourite songs.
Aap naaraaz khuda khaie kare is my all time favourite song. I usually find Saira very loud and squeaky but she looks amazing in this song - extremely graceful and beautiful. Dev Anand has a style of his own :-)
Saira looks very very sensuous in the title track.
Dekho dekho madam is lots of fun. And Hello hello sun sun re balaam is one of those songs that would find its place in my top ten telephone songs :-)
Sabi kuch hai tujh mein is soulful, but it somehow reminds me of Aur kya doon tujhe dil ki siwa, tumko hamari umar lag jaye from Aayee Milan Ki Bela . I love Rafi all the more in flirtatious numbers like Mil gayi .
I had heard the rest of the songs as well (on radio) but I didn't know they were from this movie.
Now I have to get hold of this movie and watch it.
I really liked Aaj aayegi bakhen , even the picturisation. Great to see Shashikala and saira doing a classical duet.

Veen said...

Welcome Archana (?) and glad that you like the album. I think it is one of the better albums of the mid 60's and so glad that Dev Anand was given the privy to be part of it. The movie is awesome too, so do try to get a copy if you can.

memsaab said...

Hi did I miss this? PC has linked to it :) I don't see a download link though---has it disappeared? Would love to get a better version of this than I have.

Veen said...

Veen said...

Sorry Greta, the link must have disappeared. I have provided it again in the above comment. Enjoy.

memsaab said...

bahut bahut shukriya! :)

Veen said...

Greta, you are welcome dear.

J Thyme...kind said...

The tagging could be a little clearer. Shankar / Jaikishan are a fine songwriting team. Would you post an album by Ennio Morricone and omit his name from the score?