Tuesday, April 6, 2010


French composer Maurice Jarre wrote and conducted the beautiful and sensual music for this movie. His other hit music scores includes music from the “The Longest Day”, “The Train”, “The Collector” as well as David Lean’s “Lawrence Of Arabia”, which won Jarre an Academy Award. The music from Dr Zhivago is inspired from Jarre’s childhood, capturing Russian folk tunes, marches, ballads and dance tunes.

It took Maurice ten days to record the music, using a full orchestra of 110 pieces, 24 balalaika musicians and a section of Japanese instruments which included a shamisen, koto and a US$3000 gong. For portions of the scores, 40 people lent their voices to the instrumentals.

The result: music that evokes power and beauty that is Doctor Zhivago.

Doctor Zhivago: The Original Soundtrack

Side One

1. Overture From "Doctor Zhivago"

2. Main Title From "Doctor Zhivago"

3. Lara Leaves Yuri

4. At the Student Cafe

5. Komarovsky and Lara's Rendezvous

6. Revolution

Side Two

1. Lara's Theme From "Doctor Zhivago"

2. The Funeral

3. Sventytski's Waltz

4. Yuri Escapes

5. Tonya Arrives at Varykino

6. Yuri Writes a Poem for Lara

Veen's Rating: 4 Stars



Anonymous said...

I downloaded the RAR file twice but I was unable to extract (ie unzip) it. It appears the file is corrupt.
please help!

Veen said...

Hi, I have uploaded the album again. Should work now.

Anonymous said...

Got it! Worked perfectly this time.
I discovered this website only a few days ago and I am already hooked! I feel I have hit a gold mine here. Thanks for your generosity & unselfish sharing. And thanks also for the prompt response.
My highest regards to you.

Veen said...

My pleasure friend. Do drop by again and a name to refer to would be nice. Cheers

Veen said...

http:// mediafire.com/?o0bckmkko83x5

Steve said...

I would give Dr. Zhivago five stars. Maurice Jarre's Zhivago and Lawrence Of Arabia are tow of my favourite soundtracks.

Veen said...

Thanks for visiting Steve and your feedback. I would have given DZ 5 stars but I felt a bit ripped off cos Jarre used Lara's theme a few times and called it something different! Yes it does deserve the 5 star rating. Watch this space, I'll be posting Awrence soon.

Steve said...

You will find that the main theme is used in different variations in many scores. Some composers use it creatively, others use it as a long run.

Nice on the Lawrence. I have that as well. If you want the recent complete release, let me know.

Veen said...

LOL...so glad you got my Awerance reference.

Do you really have the latest release? Yes please and thank you for offering.

Do send via my e-mail please...too many internet trolls around...they keep deleting my files :(