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One of my favourite comedies from the 1960’s which stars the beautiful Saira Banu, Sunil Dutt, singer/actor Kishore Kumar and all time best Bollywood comedian Mehmood. Check out the movie review on my mate’s Bollywood Deewana aka BD’s post HERE. In the coming weeks, both BD and I will be simultaneously reviewing movies and soundtracks together. A two in one bonanza for all you Bollywood movie and music buffs!

The music of Padosan (Female Neighbour/The Girl Next Door...the beauty of the Hindi language is that it has a gender connotation with nearly every noun and adjectives...I believe it is similar with the French language) is by Rahul Dev Burman (RD) and Rajinder Krishnan. When buying records, my rule of thumb is, if it is by RD, I can expect some really good music. And this album is no exception.

 The signature song of this album is of course “Mere Samnewali Khirki Men” or “From My Front Window” which is the premise of the movie; it is where the hero see his beautiful female neighbour and starts to (lip, lip gotta watch the movie/video clip to know what I am talking about) sing to her. It has a really catchy tune and was a big hit when the music was released and it is still widely remembered, a song used by young men trying to woo girls. I must say it is my favourite from the movie, along with “Main Chali Main Chali” and “Bhai Batur”.

 Another highlight of the album is Ek Chatur Naam” or “A Clever Woman” which parodies Hindi and Carnatic styles of singing. I read somewhere that rumour has it, the song was improvised during recording by Kishore Kumar and a real ‘duelling banjo’ actually happened between him and Manna Dey, who took offence of being ‘showed up’ by a non-classical trained singer (Kishore Kumar) (though only on screen). Hence the reason Mehmod had to lend his voice for some of the verses in the actual song. True or not, I really don’t know.

 PS: Nasir Saab/Mr Naidu, do you know anything about this?

 My verdict: 4.5 stars

 Side One
  1. Mere Samnewali Khirki Men (Happy) – Kishore Kumar
  2. Main Chali Main Chali – Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle and Chorus
  3. Aao Aao Sanwariya – Manna Dey
  4. Sharam Aati Hai – Lata Mangeshkar
Side Two

  1.  Bhai Battoor – Lata Mangeshkar
  2. Kehna Hai Kehna Hai – Kishore Kumar
  3. Ek Chatur Naam – Kishore Kumar, Manna Dey and Mehmood
  4. Mere Samnewali Khirki Men (Sad) – Kishore Kumar




B Seshadri said...

Veen, The story of Ek Chatur Naar according to Vishwas Nerurkar' Book titled Kishore Kumar- The many faces of the genius goes like this(this is in Mannadey's words) "To be honest, when Pancham had explained the concept of the song, I was mighty happy, because, for once, I had all the technical finesse of classical singing, which I could exploit and overshadow Kishore. During rehearsal I made sure of all my entry points, note values in the song and was pretty smug about the song. But on that day when the rehearsal started I was stunned. I immediately realised that I was considering the song purely from a singer's point of view.But Kishore had managed to capture the soul of the piece. The spirit of the song, the situation, everything came tumbling down with such an impact when he sang, that I could only exclaim "What a Genius"...

Anonymous said...

Great album Veen. Yes, I too have read about the episode from Nerukar's book quoted by Mr. Seshadri. It is an accepted fact that KK was a genius. At the same time it is easy to overlook Manna's generosity and self-effacing humbleness in narrating this. After all, he was no minnow as a singer and did a great job in the same song in matching KK's genius.

It is again a bit disappointing to note that Mere Samnewalli is the same as the SP version without any extras.

Thanks Veen, for another wonderful rip.

Regds / Babu

memsaab said...

Thanks for this Veen :) I need to watch this film again!

avdi said...

I love Sharm aati hai and Kehna hai. They are incredibly romantic. This movie is, needless to say, an all time favorite, anytime watch, and never fails to whip up the endorphin levels.

avdi said...

@B.Seshadri - Thanks for the input, that comment by Manna Dey is so characteristic of a true artist.

Mister Naidu said...

Thanks, Veen for this album. And thanks for the of your best. I learned a lot about the songs and am anxious to see the movie again. Its top notch RD and I also like the ones you singled out as your favorites...especially the first 2 tracks on the album. And the quality of the audio is very good...nice rip. All in all, one your better releases. :)

Veen said...

Mr S, thank you so much for clearing that rumour. The story only confirms the genius that is KK...

And yes Babu, I agree, kudos should also be afforded to Manna Dey, a legend in his own right.

Babu, I was disappointed too that the LP did not have any extras...I too have the EP.

Veen said...

You are welcome Greta. And yes, it really is a great movie. Funny as.

I agree Avdi. I am a sucker for romantic songs and daughter reckons my choices are usually the 'stick finger down throat' types, LOL...

Thank you Mr Naidu, glad I passed the QC :)

Nasir said...

The Album is great. The ratings could be 5 stars too, since all the songs were superhit and beautifully picturized. EK CHATUR NAAR of course takes the honour as we never tire of watching the picturization. This means that the song has been embellished by the meaningful and relevant picturization.

In “Memories Come Alive: An Autobiography” Manna Dey had this to say: “I was especially cautious when asked to sing for Mehmood in Ek chatur naar with Kishore Kumar. The latter had a unique and unaffected style of singing which tended to eclipse the subtleties of classical music, and place his singing partner, in a duet, at a disadvantage. To be put in the shade by Kishore’s flamboyant style of singing was a distinct possibility and, to counter the risk, I decided to work with Pancham, striving to build on my strengths and find a way of holding my own.

“On the day we were to record Ek chatur naar, the entire staff at the studio stood outside the glass-door to watch Kishore and me sing. For the two of us, the session had taken on the magnitude of a duel. It took us 12 hours – the recording started at 9 am and ended at 9 pm – to complete it, and I must admit, Kishore was in his element that day. Out of this tough battle to outshine one another, would emerge a new star in the world of music.”

It may be noted that PADOSAN was to be a Do or Die movie for Kishore Kumar as far as playback singing went. He had already decided to shift to his native place Khandwa. R.D. Burman being a very good friend of his made sure that he stayed back. How that happened is another story!

Veen said...

Thank you Nasir Saab for the information.I am sure all of us a grateful for the insight you, Babu saab and Mr B have provided to the discussion of this album.